Water Depot Challenge Solved by Peak Innovations

Peak Innovations Water Depot Challenge


Build unmanned, fully-automated cloud based water depot for frac water.  The depot was expected to run 24/7 and avoiding downtime was a critical part of the customer’s overall plan to maximize profitability.  Fracking requires a lot of water.  In general a single well will require at least 2 million gallons of water (unless it is unusually small) and larger well’s can require 8 million gallons or more.

We don’t often consider water to be destructive unless we experience (or see on TV) the destruction wrought by a flood.  Water damage however is among the most common types of damage the world over.  It’s continuous nature, ability to corrode and weight turns its handling into a 24/7 stress test.  Being a liquid water is then able to exploit even the smallest cracks.  Once containment is broken its often just a matter of time before it finds something it can damage be it an electrical outlet or just in weakening a foundation.

Peak Innovations had its work cut out for it.


Peak Innovations delivered a solid solution by designing a fully automated water station.  The solution hit both the cost of creation and the cost of operating goals set by the customer.  In terms of reliability the Peak’s water depot achieved over 300 days of continuous 24/7 up time.  The site operators were pleased by how straight-forward and uncomplicated running the depot turned out to be.

Challenge met, expectation exceeded!


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Water Depot Challenge Solved by Peak Innovations

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